Arena Of Death! (pt 3)

Right, back to the action!

In game 9, Yarrick and Huron both powered up their Powerfists. In the end, (after getting up several times…) it was Yarrick that ended up on the floor permanently!

The clash between the Swarmlord and Lysander proved to be a titanic struggle. However the re-rolls for the storm shield undid Lysander, and the bug was triumphant!

Game 11 saw the Avatar fight Ragnar. Both opponents hit simultaneously and dragged each other down to 1 wound! However, now lacking his furious charge, Raganr was quickly cut down by the flaming Daemon.

In game 12, Yriel quickly cut Helbrecht down before he even got to strike!

The fight between Abaddon and The Sanguinor dragged on forever! In round 1  Drach’nyen lashed out at it’s master! But Abaddon passed his invulnerable save. In round 2, both combatants were reduced to 2 wounds. each lost another in round 3. But in round 4, all of the Blood Angel’s attacks glanced from the thrice cursed Terminator armour of Abaddon, whilst the master of Chaos cleaved the Angel in 2.

Game 14 saw Kantor fight Jain Zar in a seemingly 1 sided fight. However it was the Crimson Fist still standing after only a single round!

Due to the effects of the Death Mask he was wearing, Dante made incredibly short work of Lucius.

And finally, after about 20 re-starts, Crowe finally failed to hit Ghazghkhull with his Heroic Sacrifice power…

More soon!


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