Arena Of Death (pt 4)

Ding ding! Round two!

Fight 1 see’s Draigo stand off against Skulltaker. With a 3+ invulnerable on one side, and a 2+ invun against force weapons on the other this match lasted what seemed a life time, with neither opponant finding a weakness. It turned into a war of attrition, that could only have 1 outcome with 4 wounds versus 2. The Daemon fell first…

Fight 2 and Sicarius faces Vect. Sheer number of attacks is the undoing of the Ultramarine, and the Dark Eldar is the victor.

The last 6 combats were very short, as 1 fighter was simply instantly killed by the other.

Skarbrand flattened Kharn.

Calgar crushed Azrael after the Master of the Dark Angels took 2 wounds from him.

Huron never stood a chance against the Swarmlord.

Avatar killed off Yriel.

Abaddon just plain made a mess of Kantor (even though Drach’nyen rebelled in the first round AGAIN!)

Dante was simply trodden on by Ghazghkhull Thraka.

This left the quarter finals looking like this:

Draigo vs Vect

Skarbrand vs Calgar

Swarmlord vs Avatar

Abaddon vs Ghazghkhull

More soon!


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