Arena Of Death! (pt 5)

Round 3

In a match that should have dragged, Draigo took all Vect could throw at him, then simply crushed the Dark Eldar lord with a single blow getting through his Shadow Field.

Skarbrand eventually managed to best Marneus Calgar with sheer number of attacks.

It only took 1 wound, but the Swarmlord polished off the Avatar quickly!

Then, despite Drach’nyen hitting him again, and Ghazghkhull successfully getting his Waargh off in the second round, the Master of the Black Legion managed to slay the Beast of Armageddon!

In Round 4 the Skarbrand vs Draigo match went the obvious way, and the Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights did his job, felling Khorne’s ill favoured son.

Abaddon took everything that the Swarmlord could throw at him and then calmly battered the big bug senseless!

So, the final would see Supreme Grand Master Draigo fight Abaddon the Despoiler!

This monumental fight lasted a life time. However, with Abaddon neither counting as a Daemon, or a Psyker, Draigo would have to manage without the bonuses he had in most of his previous encounters! Blessed Steel met Daemon Blade again and again, but in the end, it was Abaddon that was left triumphant!


So There you have it. There were surprises, short fights, epic duels. But finally, the award for hardest Character went to Abaddon the Despoiler!!


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