X-Legion 2500 points ii

My next game saw me face Frank Marsh and his Tyranids. An absolutely cracking guy to play against, and I look forward to being able to play him again. We had also fought before at a previous X-Legion, where his ‘nids beat my Ultras (although my Scouts certainly gave his Genestealers a nasty shock!).

Would my Wolves be able to avenge their cousins from Macragge?

His list was something like:

HQ1: Swarmlord with 2 Tyrant Guard with Lash Whips.

HQ2: Hive Tyrant with Lash Whip, Bonesword, Brainleech Devourers and Wings.

E1: 2 Hive Guard.

E2: 2 Hive Guard.

E3: 10 Ygmarl Genestealers.

T1: 10 Termagants

T2: 10 Termagants

T3: Tervigon with Catalyst

T4: Tervigon with Catalyst

T5: 7 Genestealers

HS: 3 Trygons.

We played a varient of Seize ground with Pitched Battle deployment, with 6 objectives each worth different VP’s. But we didn’t know which was worth however many VP’s.

In the end, I tabled his army. High lights include:

His Hive Tyrant landing just in front of the Thunderwolves, and getting mulched in the inevitable charge.

My Runic armoured Rune Priest firstly killing 1 Trygon with his Runic Weapon, plunging a Tervigon down a hole in the next turn, then finishing off a second Trygon with a Bolt Pistol Shot the turn after that.

The Swarmlord falling to my Wolf Lord, though in fairness, the Swarmlord only had 1 wound left, and assaulted through cover, charging my Wolf Lord who would hit on a 3+, wound on a 5+ with a re-roll, with 20 or so attacks thanks to the sheer number of Termagants he had killed…

and my Long Fangs dropping 5 frag missiles into a group of bunched up Genestealers on one of the objectives.

This victory against a fabulous opponent who took every hit with a smile on his face pushed me fairly well up the order again. It would be Sunday before I would recieve a lesson in how to use a gun properly…



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