X-Legion 2500 points.

Saturday 25th June, and there I was at Landford village hall, putting my ‘unstoppable’ force of Space Wolves out on a tray to carry from table to table… And my word there were a lot of intimidating armies there, from the 6 battlewagon list of Tony Chew, to the horrific number of Chimera hulls in Adam Cook’s guard list (14 I think it was!).

So, suitably worried, I was assigned a random table and my opponent turned out to be fellow X-Legion veteran Ian Manson and his Orks. Now the last time we met, he absolutely crushed (literally!) my Ultramarines. So naturally I was concerned. Especially when he proceeded to put down 3 Battlewagons (one with 15 zoggin’ Burna Boys of doom in!).

The mission was played lengthways along the table, and the objective was to capture each 18″ sector along the table with a Troops unit. This might be difficult for me as I only had 3 Troops units.

However that turned out to not be a problem as I got tabled anyway…

Highlights (well, sort of) include my first ever use of Jaws dropping 3 bikers AND the Biker Nob down a hole, and blowing up a trukk with a missile that could just about see it. That’s where the good stuff ends for me. About 11 hits did for all of the Thunderwolves (yep, all 9 wounds in the unit gone, including the Wolf Lord who managed to stuff the only 3 2+ armour saves he had to make), my unit of Grey Hunters with 2 meltaguns failing there pinning test when there Rhino blew up, followed by them failing a morale test next turn, and being shepharded off the board by a Trukk (yes, they still had 2 meltaguns…). Me bringing on my Wolf Scouts next to the Burnaboyz Battlewagon, and forgetting about them, only for them to take 90 flamer hits in the Ork’s shooting phase. and my last Rune Priest being sawed in half by a Deffkopta’s buzz saw after surviving all the attacks of 15 Lootas…

I wasn’t actually tabled but when I said ‘shall we call it there?’ I did only have a Rhino sat in front of 15 Lootas, and 1 Long Fang about to be flattened by a Deffrolla…

So that left me fairly low down on the tables…


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