X-Legion 2500 points iii

Fresh on the Sunday morning, and I find I have been propelled up table 6 or so! And I would be facing Lee Ellis-Hall’s Dark Eldar. And my word. There was a lot of vehicles. 6 Raiders, 3 Venoms and 3 Ravagers in all.

Basically, I just plain got shot to death over 7 turns. Venoms kicking out 24 shots a turn, coupled with more Dark Lances than you could shake a Thunderwolf at, spelled doom for the Warriors of Fenris.

My couple of highlights were my Thunderwolves basically seeing off 30 wyches including Lelith (who fell off the board) and Tempest’s Wrath immobilizing a good 60% of Lee’s vehicles.

Lee was an excellent player, and a good chap as well. He simply outplayed and out shot me. I think at one point I had 150 poisoned shots coming at me!

And with that, down the tables I went!


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