X-Legion 2500 points iv

Right. Back after a short break to get married!!!

Where were we? Ah yes, game 4.

For the final game in this tournament, I was pitched against an old friend, Andy, and his Inquisition army, that was something like:






lots and lots of Death Cultists

some crusaders

a few more Death cultists

storm bolter/meltagun acolytes

some more death cultists

2 Storm Ravens

some death cultists

and 3 Psyfleman dreads.

We played a varient of capture and control, with some more minor objectives scattered across the board.

Suffice to say, only the major objectives mattered, as we tore each other apart so badly that by the game’s end we only had 1 troops choice left each. I had 3 Grey Hunters hiding behind some rocks on my home objective, and he had about 8 Warrior acolytes on his. Sadly for Andy, I also had a badly wounded thunderwolf in combat with those Acolytes, that not only refused to die (1 wound left in about 5 rounds of combat!) but was also just within 3″ of his home objective.

Highlights include my Wolf Lord destroying 1 Stormraven by throwing a Meltabomb into it’s air intake, and in the same round, the Thunder Hammer armed TWC bringing the other one down.

These same Wolves pretty much then got beaten up by the contents of said Storm Ravens (An Inquisitor with Rad Grenades, 12 Death Cultists and 8 crusaders, and his Techmarine joined in as well)

The Vindicare Assassin shot 1 Long Fang Pack Leader dead, then caught 5 Krak Missiles (I’ve played against this list too many times to allow that git to survive too long!)

When the end of the game came around (on turn 8 or so) I had also got him on VP’s.

Out of 2500 points, I had only 2 and a half Long fang packs, 1 Thunderwolf, and 3 Grey Hunters left, whereas Andy had 8 warrior acolytes, and 2 Chimeras left.

It was a thouroughly enjoyable game (even if both of us threw our toys out of the pram occasionally) and a good end to the tournament. In the end I placed 16th out of 30, which wasn’t too bad I suppose.

Roll on the 1500 point Tournament in August, where the sons of Macragge shall once again take to the field!


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