X-Legion 1500 singles 1.

Well. Here we are, with a belated report of my dismal showing at the 1500pt X-Legion Tournament held in Landford at the end of August.

I took what I thought to be a fairly hard Space Wolves list (I will be coming back to you Ultramarines! I promise!):

Master Of Runes with Chooser, Jaws and Tempest’s Wrath.

Runepriest with Chooser, Meltabomb, Jaws and Murderous Hurricane.

2 units of 8 Grey Hunters with fist, banner, wulfen, meltagun and a rhino.

a unit of 9 Grey Hunters equipped as above.

3 units of Long Fangs, 1 with 5 ML, 1 with 4 ML and the last with 3 PC and a HB.

Game 1 was Annihilation with DoW deployment (oh gee! My favourite…) saw me up against Dark Eldar. Mike Marlow’s Dark Eldar to be precise. It was something like:

Baron Sarontryx (or whatever his name is)

1 or 2 Haemonculi

2 units of Trueborn with 3 Blasters in Venoms

2 units of Wracks in Venoms

1 unit of 20 Hellions

3 Ravagers.

Suffice to say, I held the skimmers and Hellions back right up until my Runepriest failed to cast Tempest’s Wrath. At that point the Dark Eldar pounced and pretty much systematically destroyed me. It didn’t help that Mike couldn’t fail a cover save, and I couldn’t pass an armour save!  Mike got a convincing victory, and eventually won the tournament flawlessly, so I suppose I shouldn’t feel so bad about loosing.

Game 2 was Seize Ground with Spearhead deployment. I was up against Darren Gwynne and his superb Ultramarine army, all painted as 1st company:


5 Strenguard

2 Tactical Squads (1 with Rhino, 1 with Razorback)

Terminator Squad with Cyclone

Ven Dread with MM in a Pod

Land Raider Redeemer

What could possibly go wrong. I had more than enough meltaguns to deal with both dread and Land Raider. I thought that right up to the point where I entirely missed the Land Raider (which then cooked the entire GH squad) and only 1 out of 4 melta shots hit the dread, then rolled a 3 for penetration…

It didn’t stop there, oh no. In one of the subsequent turns, his Terminators caused exactly 10 wounds on 1 Grey Hunter Squad. I lost 1 grunt, the Wulfen, Wolfguard, Powerfist, Meltagun, Banner and a wound from the runepriest, all on rolls of 1…

Despite killing off the Dread, Terminators, Razorback and a combat Squad by 1 GH squad Darren won by 1 objective, as my Troops choices were wiped out…

Game 3 was Capture and Control with Pitched Battle deployment, and this time I fought Adam Cox’s Eldar. And between Adam refusing to fail 4+ inv’s and just eating Grey Hunter Squads with a seer council, and my Rune Priests failing to nullify ANY psychic powers, I got hammered again…

At the end of day 1 I was 0-0-3, and pretty much pissed off at my dice. But still, tomorrow would be different, it had to be…right?…


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