Arena Of Death! (pt 5)

Round 3

In a match that should have dragged, Draigo took all Vect could throw at him, then simply crushed the Dark Eldar lord with a single blow getting through his Shadow Field.

Skarbrand eventually managed to best Marneus Calgar with sheer number of attacks.

It only took 1 wound, but the Swarmlord polished off the Avatar quickly!

Then, despite Drach’nyen hitting him again, and Ghazghkhull successfully getting his Waargh off in the second round, the Master of the Black Legion managed to slay the Beast of Armageddon!

In Round 4 the Skarbrand vs Draigo match went the obvious way, and the Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights did his job, felling Khorne’s ill favoured son.

Abaddon took everything that the Swarmlord could throw at him and then calmly battered the big bug senseless!

So, the final would see Supreme Grand Master Draigo fight Abaddon the Despoiler!

This monumental fight lasted a life time. However, with Abaddon neither counting as a Daemon, or a Psyker, Draigo would have to manage without the bonuses he had in most of his previous encounters! Blessed Steel met Daemon Blade again and again, but in the end, it was Abaddon that was left triumphant!


So There you have it. There were surprises, short fights, epic duels. But finally, the award for hardest Character went to Abaddon the Despoiler!!


Arena Of Death (pt 4)

Ding ding! Round two!

Fight 1 see’s Draigo stand off against Skulltaker. With a 3+ invulnerable on one side, and a 2+ invun against force weapons on the other this match lasted what seemed a life time, with neither opponant finding a weakness. It turned into a war of attrition, that could only have 1 outcome with 4 wounds versus 2. The Daemon fell first…

Fight 2 and Sicarius faces Vect. Sheer number of attacks is the undoing of the Ultramarine, and the Dark Eldar is the victor.

The last 6 combats were very short, as 1 fighter was simply instantly killed by the other.

Skarbrand flattened Kharn.

Calgar crushed Azrael after the Master of the Dark Angels took 2 wounds from him.

Huron never stood a chance against the Swarmlord.

Avatar killed off Yriel.

Abaddon just plain made a mess of Kantor (even though Drach’nyen rebelled in the first round AGAIN!)

Dante was simply trodden on by Ghazghkhull Thraka.

This left the quarter finals looking like this:

Draigo vs Vect

Skarbrand vs Calgar

Swarmlord vs Avatar

Abaddon vs Ghazghkhull

More soon!

Arena Of Death! (pt 3)

Right, back to the action!

In game 9, Yarrick and Huron both powered up their Powerfists. In the end, (after getting up several times…) it was Yarrick that ended up on the floor permanently!

The clash between the Swarmlord and Lysander proved to be a titanic struggle. However the re-rolls for the storm shield undid Lysander, and the bug was triumphant!

Game 11 saw the Avatar fight Ragnar. Both opponents hit simultaneously and dragged each other down to 1 wound! However, now lacking his furious charge, Raganr was quickly cut down by the flaming Daemon.

In game 12, Yriel quickly cut Helbrecht down before he even got to strike!

The fight between Abaddon and The Sanguinor dragged on forever! In round 1  Drach’nyen lashed out at it’s master! But Abaddon passed his invulnerable save. In round 2, both combatants were reduced to 2 wounds. each lost another in round 3. But in round 4, all of the Blood Angel’s attacks glanced from the thrice cursed Terminator armour of Abaddon, whilst the master of Chaos cleaved the Angel in 2.

Game 14 saw Kantor fight Jain Zar in a seemingly 1 sided fight. However it was the Crimson Fist still standing after only a single round!

Due to the effects of the Death Mask he was wearing, Dante made incredibly short work of Lucius.

And finally, after about 20 re-starts, Crowe finally failed to hit Ghazghkhull with his Heroic Sacrifice power…

More soon!

Arena Of Death! (pt 2)

In the first fight Draigo would fight Hesperex.

The Dark Eldar proved lightning quick, and although Draigo was S6 (thanks to Hammerhand) Lelith’s 3+ dodge save protected the Wych from instant death for round after round. Meanwhile, Lelith could not get past the Grey Knight’s T5 and 3++.

Then it happened! Lelith found an opening and plunged a knife into an armour joint! First blood to the Wych! However, her knife must have stuck there, because in the same round Draigo brought his sword down and Lelith failed her save, smashing the lithe warrior asunder! Draigo was the victor!

The second fight saw the Chapter Master of the Space Wolves face off against Skulltaker. Khorne’s Champion! Knowing he’d go last anyway, Grimnar gripped the Axe Morkai in both hands and raised it above his head, giving Skulltaker the opening to strike all 3 wounds from the Marine, felling him in 1 round! Skulltaker wins!

In game 3 Vect made unsuprisingly short work of ‘Iron Hand’ Straken, not even breaking a sweat to end the human.

In Game 4 Sicarius simply struck Nork’s head from his shoulders with 1 blow from his tempest blade.

Game 5 saw Belial struck down in a single hit by Skarbrand, despite his Storm Shield!

Shrike never knew what hit him in game 6, Kharn the Betrayer not even stopping once the Marine was a corpse.

In game 7, Drazhar struck out with many fatal blows at Azrael, each one bouncing from the Lion Helm’s forcefield. in return, Azrael swung the Sword Of Secrets in a deadly arc, ending the Master of the Incubi.

In game 8, Karandras and Calgar both set about each other with their powerfists, each taking 2 wounds. In the second round, as Karandras powered up his Claw again, Calgar gripped his power sword and in one fluid motion, drew it from it’s scabbard and across the Phoenix Lord’s neck. Victory to the Master of the Ultramarines!

More soon!

Arena Of Death! (pt 1)

At my local club (Salisbury Legion Wargames) I have been running a 40k Arena Of Death for the Special Characters. The initial draws for the knock out tournament looked like this:

Supreme Grand Master Draigo vs Lelith Hesperex

Logan Grimnar vs Skulltaker

Asdrubael Vect vs ‘Iron Hand’ Straken

Captain Sicarius vs Nork Deddog

Skarbrand vs Captain Belial

Kharn The Betrayer vs Captain Shrike

Grand Master Azrael vs Drazhar, Master Of Blades

Marneus Calgar vs Karandras

Commissar Yarrick vs Huron Blackheart

The Swarmlord vs Captain Lysander

The Avatar Of Khaine vs Ragnar Blackmane

Prince Yriel vs High Marshall Helbrecht

Abaddon vs The Sanguinor

Pedro Kantor vs Jain Zar

Commander Dante vs Lucius The Eternal

Castellan Crowe vs Ghazghkull Thraka

For each bout, both combatants would start in base contact and count as charging. If they took each other out in the same round (I’m looking at you Crowe!) both would be reinstated with 1 wound.

And so battle commenced!


Welcome to the beginning….

Hello there, and welcome to The Spear Of Ultramar! This is my first foray into blogging and it will consist mainly of my experiences and challenges of wargaming. As you can probably guess, it will more than likely revolve around 40k in general and Ultramarines in particular, of which I have around 10,000 points.

Well, about me. I live in Salisbury and have been gaming for around 15 years now (that made me feel old…). I have played many systems, but mainly I play the GW ones. I have been attending tournaments over the past few years, and with that experience my Ultramarines have evolved from a nice, friendly, fluffy list, to a… well, slightly less friendly fluffy list…

Having been a GW staff member, (and able to abuse staff discounts) I have managed to aquire pretty much every 40k and WHFB army there is (with varying degrees of success/completion!) so expect to see a bit of everything around here!

Anyway, that’s enough about me for now. So, here goes….